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Welcome to Finnish Trading Company FNTC LKV. We specialize in commercial real estate leasing, brokering and development nation-wide. Since our founding in 1985, we have served an array of both domestic and global clients throughout the country including banks, insurance companies, real estate development companies and funds, institutionalized investors, as well as a variety of companies operating in Finland.

Our Sales & Development unit offers expert services and consulting for domestic and international companies, institutions and individuals, while our Leasing unit provides end-to-end leasing services and support. Our Retail unit focuses on securing prime retail locations for both our domestic and international clients. Jointly, we offer in excess of 1,500,000 sq m of  real estate to our customers in over 1000 locations nationwide. 

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Toimitilapalvelu FNTC LKV

Käenkuja 8 A
00500 Helsinki
Puh. +358 9135 8166
Y-tunnus: 0622917-2
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